White Wolf Wellness Foundation Launches Free Yoga Across Kern County

With a deep commitment to doing good in the community and an intent to provide full-spectrum wellness services to marginalized communities in the greater Kern County area, White Wolf Wellness Foundation has launched a free countywide yoga program funded by a grant from Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.

“This grant allows White Wolf Wellness to provide free boutique quality yoga throughout the Kern community“ said Geoffrey Taylor, Executive Director of White Wolf Wellness Foundation, “The goal is really to provide the highest quality yoga instruction in places where access to yoga is limited.”

The program launched on January 16 in Delano and hosts classes in Wasco, Arvin, Taft, Delano, Tehachapi and Frazier Park. The program provides two to three classes per city per month, with yoga instructors from Bakersfield’s Samsara Wellness Center, in comfortable, community-focused settings.

“This yoga program gives us a chance to reach people who may have never tried yoga while also expanding our presence within the community,” said Tiffany Anderson, a countywide program yoga instructor with White Wolf Wellness Foundation, “It’s a chance to try something new, learn yoga and develop an ongoing practice that helps to enhance movement and mobility.”

To learn more about the No-Cost Countywide Yoga program grant funded by Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, please visit www.whitewolfwellness.org/events for a calendar of all yoga session dates through October 2019.

White Wolf Wellness Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, strives to enhance quality of life in the Kern County region and beyond through targeted wellness initiatives focused on improving the health and wellness of underserved and marginalized communities throughout California. Based in Bakersfield, California, White Wolf Wellness Foundation is leading the wellness revolution to rebuild communities and further improve their access to health through meaningful action and a commitment to those in need.

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Stephen Winters