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It's pretty simple, really. we change lives and communities through YOGA, mindfulness, wellness, cultural connection, public art and so much more.

Imagine a nonprofit where the core of every program and initiative is to provide others with unprecedented access to health, wellness and personal growth - sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

That's what White Wolf Wellness Foundation does each and every day - empowering change in the community through targeted programs that enhance the human experience and create access to mindfulness, wellness, cultural events, and other initiatives in every corner of our region. A more mindful community is often a more healthy and peaceful place to live and instilling these values is the core of our mission in the community.

From our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher trainings to our free community yoga program and everything in between, the goals are clear: to share our light with every individual we interact with and to provide a toolkit for growth, change and personal development that extends beyond the conventional.

Without your valued support, these initiatives simply wouldn't be possible. Your donations and support of our mission and vision to create change within our region that reshapes healthier and more vibrant communities throughout the California's Central Valley and beyond. 

White Wolf Wellness Foundation is a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Nonprofit Organization based in Bakersfield, California, and provides a variety of programs, services and initiatives that create meaningful change within


Inspire deeper growth in your Yoga practice with “The Art of Living and Dying”, an insightful and enlightening teacher training program certified by Yoga Alliance.

Providing no-cost boutique quality yoga and meditation instruction for all members of the community to enjoy together.

Connecting communities through artistic, cultural, musical and wellness events and programs that foster a greater sense of community.

Enhancing mindfulness initiatives through targeted Educator trainings, classroom visits and curriculum that provides teachers and students with a toolkit for tranquility.


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